Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sarah - 11 Months

Sarah-Barah!!  This is your very last month before turning 1 year old.  Yikes!

This picture perfectly exemplifies your little personality.  ;)  So full of joy and life! 

And here you are, 2 seconds later....still being adorable!

This past month you:

Went from having 2 teeth to having 6 teeth!!  Whoa baby! (Notice you are proudly displaying them in the pictures above).  
Started refusing to eat baby food...actually pushing it away with your little hands.  You want the good stuff only!  :)
Had your first Thanksgiving
Got caught chewing on a piece of Katie's dog food...yuck!!
Missed your Daddy a bunch, because he went on a TDY to Las Vegas
Got croup  :(   It was so pitiful, but you got much better once you went to the doctor
Started snorting when you laughed.....uh-oh....I may be to blame for that one.  Mommy snorted a lot when she was younger, heehee
Got into a bad habit of purposely head-butting me....all.the.time.  Not cool, baby.
Had your very first little pedicure on those teeny-tiny toes!! You got hot pink polish to match Mommy and big sis.

This is you when you found out that you were 11 months old today:

You just realllllly think you're something, huh?  ;)   I love you so much, baby girl!  You're the sweetest Sissy around!  I am hoping this month won't go by too fast....because when it does, I will have a 2 year old AND a 1 year old!!!  Whoa!

~Love, your Mommy

Friday, November 14, 2014

Sarah - 10 months

10 months already?!  Stop the madnesssss!!  Haha.  Just kidding, baby.  But really....I cannot believe that you are 2 months away from being ONE.  You still look like a little baby to me, which is partly why it is so hard to believe.  You are my itty-bitty cutie-patootie!  :)

Come on, how cute are those tip-toes?!

This month you:

Started getting your 2 top teeth!  They are hurting you coming in, and it breaks my heart.  I wonder how cute you will look when they come down all the way.  :)
Had your first time swinging at the playground!  Same swing that Emily first sat in.
Liked trying all the foods we were eating
Loved going all the way up both flights of stairs as often as possible!
Pretended to sing into a microphone
Liked watching Baby Einstein and Mickey Mouse in your DVD player while riding in the car
Became obsessed with finding/picking up TINY little specks of things off the floor
Wanted any and every toy that your sister had, lol.  And then if she picked up something else, you changed your mind and wanted that, too!  ;)
Bounce up and down when good music is's so cute!
Really improved on your finger-food skills

I love you, Sarah Noelle!  You are a precious, sweet little girl!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Sarah - 9 Months

Sarah girl, here we are at another milestone age - 9 months old!  3/4 of a will be here before I know it.  A lot has changed with you this past month.  It is definitely obvious that my itty bitty baby is growing up.

This past month you:

Cruised furniture all around...sometimes you just hold on with 1 hand and stand there like it's nothing (you even stood without holding anything one time!)
Started climbing up the stairs!!  You know it's something special, because you will look at us with a mischievous grin before you do it. Then I have to race over to climb with you and make sure you don't fall.
Supported Mommy by being there to watch me run my first 5k!  My own little cheerleader!
Said "Dada", "Mama", and "Hey" (while waving your hand)
Loved to eat blueberry puffs, bananas, and chicken noodle baby food
Did NOT like eating chocolate it possible that a child of mine doesn't like chocolate??!
Saw your first parade that the fire department put on
Had a great time at your sister's 2nd birthday party  :)
Loved to play with bubbles!
Tried to chew on crayons as often as possible...and you get sooo mad when Mommy takes them away
Grew more beautiful brown hair!

I love you, sweet princess! Let's learn lots of new things this month.  :)

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sarah - 8 Months

Hi Sarah, my 8-month old girl! In case you're wondering, yes, you are still a very HAPPY, sweet baby.  You get compliments everywhere we go about your calm, sweet nature and how beautiful you are...I can't say I disagree!  These people are smart!  ;)

This month you:

Love snacking on baby crackers and making a huge mess  ;)
Try desperately to get your hands on any cell phone around
Screech and make silly noises that make you laugh at yourself
Laugh at us all the time, if we raise you up in the air over us, or tickle you
Are crawling!!  Your little booty swings side to side, and it is so cute!
Love getting attention from anyone, but especially your sister  :)
Have pulled up on furniture 1 time!  The other times you tried and couldn't quite make it....I'm sure you will be doing this a lot soon.
Love being outside in the fresh air...we all went to a fall festival yesterday, and you loved it!
Like to hide from us under the table and chairs
Have no fear of leaning over anything...if it wasn't for us holding you, you would fall off of everything!
Like to find shoes to chew on.  :(  We have to do a better job of hiding them.
Got Daddy's attention by leaning over and biting his nipple!  HAHAHA!  Now he knows how I have felt for 8 months.  ;)
Think it's fun to sit in laundry baskets (with or without clean clothes)  :)

Although most of the time you are sweet and happy, there have been several times lately when you scream and cry if I leave your side.  Even if you are fed, well-rested, have something to play with, and have a dry diaper on, you still aren't satisfied unless I am either sitting beside you in the room, or holding you.  Sometimes, this makes it very hard for me to get things done around here, but I try to remember to cherish these moments, because one day, you will probably not care about cuddling with me or wanting me around all the time.  That is just a natural part of growing up, but I hope underneath your "cool" teenage exterior one day, that you will still give me a big hug whenever I want one.  Maybe our roles will reverse and I will end up being the one crying when you don't give me the attention I need. I am starting to get weepy.....please don't grow up too fast!

I love you Sarah!  ~ Mommy

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Sarah - 7 Months

Sissy, you are 7 months now!!  You are such a sweet baby girl.

This month you:

Started sitting up by yourself (still a little wobbly at times, but you're really skinny and therefore don't have much weight to help bear you down, haha)
Love playing with toys (FINALLY!)
Have yet another "new" squeal noise that you also say "uh uh uh uh uh uh uhhh uhh uhhhh" when you have a story to tell us  :)
Started eating more new baby foods
Scoot backwards on the floor instead of going towards something
Still love going on long evening walks with friends
Enjoy going around the house in your walker
Started getting some hair growth back in your bald spot  ;)
Absolutely refuse to take a bottle (still), yet you drank water from Emily's sippy cup
Started sleeping through the night in your own crib!  WOO-HOOOO!!!
Enjoy reaching out to yank on my lips or pinch my cheeks...usually to get attention  ;)

One of my favorite things about you is that 99% of the time when I make eye contact with you, you give me the biggest, brightest smile in the world.  It seriously melts my heart and makes me want to kiss your little cheeks for all of eternity!!

I love you sweetie!  I'm ready for another great month with you!  :)


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Sarah - 6 Months!

Sarah, can you believe you're 6 months old now?!
Ughh, Mom, please don't mention my age!
No honey, it's a good thing!  Soon, you will be able to sit up and play, and do all sorts of fun new things!
Really, really, REALLY?!  :)
Yup!  And you will have so much fun with your sister!
Well now I'm so excited, I'm gonna bust a move!

This past month was full of new experiences for you!  Here they are:

You met TONS of your family members and friends for the first time! (Grandpa, uncles, aunts, cousins, great grandparents, great-great grandma, etc..)
You went to the beach for the first time and put your toesies in the ocean!
You watched the chef at the Japanese restaurant make fire and do all kinds of tricks.
You went to White Lake and the arcade.
You tried so many foods that you weren't supposed to yet....I hate to even mention them, haha...pudding, ice cream, even sucked on a rib bone!!
You started eating baby oatmeal (this was OK for you to have).  ;)
You hurt Mommy so bad while you were nursing but you REFUSED to take a bottle....thanks a lot!
You were able to stand and play in the exersaucer without being stuffed in with blankets.
I tried to give you your first 2 toes in, polish got everywhere from your wiggly toes, and we had to stop.
You had your first ride on a merry-go-round!
You had your first 4th of July with lots of friends and fireworks!  You didn't even get scared.
You took another 19 hour trip back to Missouri.  You spent the night at Arnold AFB, and got to see even more new states!  All in all, these are the states you were in to, from, and during this trip: Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, NC, SC, Georgia, & Tennessee.  WOW!

I'm so glad you had such a fun month and got to experience so many new things!  It makes me heart happy to see you and Emily happy.  I love you sweet girl!  I still can't believe you're half a year old!  Don't you dare grow up on me too fast...

Love, Mommy

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sarah - 5 months

Well Sissy, your 5 month blog is EXTREMELY belated!!  In fact, tomorrow you are turning 6 months old and I will be writing that blog, haha!  I am late writing this because we have just returned from a month long vacation to North Carolina to visit all of our family.  : )   We had a great time, but more about that tomorrow.

This month you:

Had your first Memorial Day
Went to the mall for the first time
Said "Da-da"! You are so ahead of the game, baby girl!
Spent the night at Fort Knox
Traveled 16 hours in the car to go see your family in NC...this was not a fun task for any of us.
Got pinkeye TWICE in a poor baby!
Stood up in your exersaucer a lot...but we had to stuff lots of blankets around you, because you're still pretty small.
Loved getting tickled!  You would giggle and smile so hard just like in the picture above.

I love you, sweet baby Sarah!  You have continued to be the sweetest, happiest baby we could've asked for.  Stay tuned tomorrow to read about all of your many adventures this past month!

All my love,