Monday, April 14, 2014

Sarah - 3 Months

Wiggie, you're 3 months old!!!!  Wow, baby girl!  You have become the sweetest, most easy-going baby this month.  Mommy really appreciates that!  What a sweet personality you have!

This month you:

Laugh every time we make "funny noises" to is soooo cute!
Smile all the time at the people you love: Mommy, Daddy, Emily, and your grandparents
Are in awe of everything your big sis does.  You just love to watch her every move.  :)
Rock yourself in your chair all the way across the room, haha
Love to cuddle with Mommy in bed
Enjoy cooing and making the "k" sound just like Emily did at your age
Blow spit bubbles
Still wiggle all over the place, all the time.  Sometimes you will raise your arm up & down for 5 minutes straight for no apparent reason, lol

Sarah, we love you so much and are so glad that God let you be a part of our family!  I can't wait to see what happens this month, my beautiful princess!  :)

Love, Mommy

Friday, March 14, 2014

Sarah - 2 Months

Sarah, Sarah-girl, Wiggles, Wiggs, Wiggie, No-No...your list of names goes on and on.  : )

I love how much personality you have gained this month!  It makes my heart melt when you smile that big, BEAUTIFUL smile at me.  What a pretty girl you are, with that beautiful smile and those big, bright eyes!

This month you:

Love getting kisses on your cheeks
Got a bald spot on the back of your head, but you still have quite a bit of hair!
Smile more often
Went to Daddy's promotion ceremony and were so good & quiet!
Giggled when Mommy sang patty-cake and fake sneezed
Visited Mommy's old co-workers
Went to a baby shower
Made sweet cooing noises
Your second bottom tooth is coming in more!
Took some naps in your crib

Mommy loves you, Sarah!  You are such a little sweetie!!  Can't wait for your personality to blossom even more this next month.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Sarah - 1 Month!

Well, I'm back to writing monthly baby blogs, but this time, it's for Miss Sarah Noelle.  It is really crazy how fast a month flies by!

Sarah, today is extra special, because you share your 1-month birthday with Valentines Day!  <3  Having you here the last month has been a real change, but on the bright side, Daddy and I didn't have to go through the "newbie parent" phase again.  We know what to do's just a matter of having the time and energy to do it, haha.  You will continue to grow and everything will adjust itself before too long.  : )

This month you:

Grew your first tooth (wow...)
Kept a head full of beautiful dark hair
Went to church for the first time
Felt a little bit of snow from the big ice & snow storm we had
Sat through your first Superbowl (probably the least exciting game everrrr...) (Broncos vs Seahawks)
Cried so much and so even snort when you cry!
Loved watching your big sister talk to you.  That really melts my heart!
Had your first photo-shoot
Spent lots of time with your Grandma and Granny
Had your first Valentines Day  <3

I can't wait to see all the new cute things you'll do next month!  We love you so much, Sarah!  Your big sister sure does love you, too.  She talks to you a lot, shows you her toys, and gives you as many hugs and kisses as we let her.

I love you Wiggles!!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Our Second Sweet Blessing

Well hello everyone!  I have been away far too long from this blog, but I have been busy having this precious little girl you see above.  :)  Sarah Noelle Kallam was born at 1:50 a.m. on January 14th, weighing 8 lbs, 3 oz, and measuring 19" long.

Overall, I can easily say that my labor and delivery this time around was much less traumatizing.  I prayed very specifically about things that I wanted to go differently this time, and God was merciful in answering those prayers the way I'd hoped for.  While Sarah did arrive 4 days past her due date (only half as bad as her 8-day overdue big sister), at least she came on her own and my fears pertaining to getting induced again were put to rest.  I had a wonderful team of professionals taking care of me, and was blessed again to have my husband on one side of me and my mom on the other.  :)  When this beautiful little girl was placed on my chest, I felt an overwhelming joy as I did with Emily.

*Fun Facts*
-I got to help pull Sarah out myself!  It was an awesome experience!
-Sarah was almost born still in the amniotic sac.  My water never broke, and my midwife was ok with the baby coming out still in the sac (she said it was a sign of life-long good luck).  As Sarah's head got closer, the sac did rupture, but NOT before it first looked like a balloon was being blown up out of me!  lol.
-Sarah was born with 1 tooth already beginning to emerge and the tooth beside it not far behind.  It took Emily 7 months or so to get 1 tooth, and Sarah is born with one?!  Are you kidding me??  So not only are we dealing with a newborn, but we are dealing with a teething newborn.  Lord help us...

Look at that peaceful, sleeping angel.  It almost makes me laugh, considering how opposite of that she was last night, and most nights before.  Jordan and I are back into the reality of what life is like when you have a newborn.  Hopefully we can get back into a good routine sometime soon, but that's probably just wishful thinking.  Emily has adjusted just fine and loves her baby sister!  She enjoys giving her kisses all the time, and always points and says "Sis!" when she sees her.  I can't wait to see the beautiful friendship and sisterly bond that my two girls will form over the years.

I love you Sarah, and you are definitely the best "surprise" Daddy and I have ever been given.  :)  God must have a special plan for your life, little one!  Welcome to the family!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Emily is One!

Baby girl, I cannot believe you are 1 year old!!  Well, you have been 1 now for 17 days.  This blog is kind of late, but I wanted to make sure all your adorable photos could be in it.  It seems like you were just a tiny infant not too long ago, curled up on my chest and so new to the world.
Look at you, just about an hour after you were born:

Now you have grown into a sweet, smart, entertaining, loving, diva extraordinaire who is learning new things all the time.  I will admit that I got teary-eyed the day before your birthday, thinking about how fast the year has gone and hoping that future years don't go by so quickly.  I just want you to stay my and Daddy's little baby forever!  However, I thank God all the time for giving us a healthy, perfect daughter that we DO get to see having her first birthday...we really have to count our blessings when there are others who are not so fortunate.      

This month you:

Had your first ice cream truck experience!  You shared my chocolate malt cup and Daddy's frozen lemonade (you liked mine better, heehee)
Were lovingly dedicated to the Lord
Saw your first parade!  It was for fire-safety week, and it came right by our house!
New words/phrases you said: thank you, bless you, let's go, grandpa (and you're calling everything 'baby')
Stood alone without holding on to anything...but you are still so scared to try walking!
Love sharing food and toys with others...especially Katie, *sigh*
Have a couple more teeth
Love watching Doc McStuffins and The Lorax (that movie seriously puts you into a trance)
Took off your pants and diaper TWO times in the morning before I came in to get you!  Lil stinker!
Say "mmmmmm" after eating bites of foods you like
Make barking sounds whenever you see pictures of a dog
You're able to unlock our cell phones, and even made a phone call by yourself...April said you told her "hey" and everything, lol
You also pretend like several of your other toys are phones, holding them to your ear/neck and saying "hello"
Love playing with all your new toys, and riding in your new car from Mommy & Daddy
Had fun at your first b-day was Strawberry Shortcake themed, because you still love that TV show!  You played, ate the icing timidly off your cupcake, saw your friends, and opened some really cool presents!  You are one lucky girl!   :)

I'm sure there is probably some things I accidentally left out...there is just so much to remember with you, Emmy!  Never, EVER forget how much Daddy and I love you, and how much all of the rest of your family loves you.  You are the most special blessing in our lives and I am so happy that God chose me to be your Mommy.  I love you more than words can express!  Happy Birthday, sweet angel!   ~Mommy

Monday, September 9, 2013

Emily - 11 Months

Please, time, stop going by so fast...I am so sad that this will be the last month of my life where I won't have to say I have a something year old.   :'(    I am enjoying each new month with you, Emily, and love how much you are learning.  All of your "cute new things" are, well, just so darn cute!!

This month you:

Started dancing to music!  Your signature "shoulder shimmy" is way too cute
Are saying "uh-oh" a lot   :)
Copy some animal sounds (the lion is your favorite)
Are eating a lot more "regular" food off of our plates  (you LOVE banana pudding!)
Your second top tooth is coming in...and not looking great, I might add.  It looks like it's already cracked! Good thing we know a dentist at church...I will ask him to have a look at it on Sunday.  ;)
Copy me when I say "no-no" and point my finger...this is a naughty thing for you to do, but yet again, so funny and cute
You found out that you will have a baby SISTER!!  I hope you two will be life-long best friends.  <3
Suddenly hate wearing will yank on it until you scream because you're hurting your neck trying to pull it off...sigh.
You enjoy playing at the playground and trying to climb up the slide.  Your favorite is still the swing, though!

I love you, sweet Emmy Grace!  Here's to your last month before being a "something year old"!  
Love, Mommy

Friday, August 9, 2013

Emily - 10 Months

My sweet baby, you are 10 months old!  Where is the time going?!  I will say that you are becoming more of a mommy's girl every's probably because you hardly ever leave my side!  I will definitely cherish each moment that you reach out for me, or lay your little head on my chest, or give me a super-tight hug (your specialty!) because I know you won't be this little forever.

This month:

Your top tooth finally broke through!
You started shaking your head "no"
You love it when I pat my hand in front of your mouth while you say "ahhh" (making "Indian noises")...sometimes you even try to do it to yourself and it is so.cute.
You started self-feeding with finger foods
You love watching cartoons, like Strawberry Shortcake, Super Why, and Dinosaur Train
You absolutely love watching videos of smile so big and make happy noises   : )
You really don't like getting in the car seat anymore
You have started bouncing up and down to music
You will now pick up a comb and try to comb your own hair! (Instead of what you previously did: wave it around or stick it in your mouth, haha)
You celebrated Mommy's birthday!  (You got me an awesome present (with the help of Daddy) - a cotton candy maker!  Boy will we have fun with that!)
You are trying to say more words:  There is a picture of Grandma & Grandpa we look at and practice labeling every day, and you said "Amma...Pa..."  the other day by yourself!  Woo hoo!  You also repeated the word "apple" in one of your books.  My smart girl!

I love you Emily!!  I am so lucky to be able to stay home with you every day, teaching you, loving on you, and watching you grow into this sweet, smart little girl.   : )